Do you know that now there is Table Suar Furniture that is trending and much sought after when you want to fill the house, want to know? Calm down because soon you will find out, and don’t use the furniture that people are looking for for a long time, the Trembesi Table Wood Suar, it’s true that the tamarind table is a furniture product The latest from us which is currently very in demand because of the impression of luxury and can also make your room look more natural that blends with nature and is very comfortable to look at,

Selling Table Suar Wood

this tamarind table can be used as a comfortable place to eat, can be for homes, five star hotels , restaurant or resort. the selection of this tamarind table is the right choice, this Trembesi Table Wood Suar is suitable for both classic luxury style homes and luxurious minimalist homes.



Trembesi Table Wood Suar


  Wood Suar / Trembesi (On Demand)
Size  Custom (On Demand)
Color  Natural Custom (On Demand)
Packing  Foam Seet, Single Face

Wood Suar Design

  • The Trembesi Table Wood Suar design does look simple and stylist, because of that simple design the tamarind table looks more luxurious and elegant,
  • besides being luxurious and elegant, this tamarind table also looks very classy because this Trembesi Table Wood Suar is made of large pieces of wood that are hundreds of years old, and wood.
  • Table Wood Suar intact without a connection so it is perfect for those of you who like luxury furniture products that not just people have them.

Trembesi Table Wood Suar

Table Wood Suar Material

  • In selecting the material for our tamarind table production
  • we carry out a very strict selection in order to get the best quality and look good tamarind table furniture products, we use meh or suar wood, some say Trembesi Table Wood Suar.
  • The choice of meh wood is compared to other woods because suar wood is still there that has a large size so that it is sturdier and looks very elegant which of course other types of wood do not have. Furniture Suar Table is very appropriate for you to choose to improve your home.


Table Wood Finishing

  • In the finishing process of painting the tamarind dining table we always use good quality paint, mostly using melamine paint that looks glowsy and luxurious,
  • we also use experienced experts for painting the tamarind Table Wood Suar that we sell, so that we can produce tamarind dining table products that are charming luxury and can make your dining room more lively and fresh.

Trembesi Table Wood Suar

Delivery Product

  • After your order is complete, we will send it to the destination via a trusted expedition in Jepara (after settlement).
  • We help the delivery process / orders can be picked up yourself at our workshop Trembesi Table Wood Suar
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