Selling Teak Table as furniture Supplier Teak Wood Table is very popular among exterior designers. Types of Tables including, Teak wood, should be placed indoors and outdoors or the office functions as a conference table, dining table, lobby table. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to have a Wood Stainless, Antique and Classic Teak Refectory Table from some of the Table Indoor Teak collections below:

Teak Refectory Table




 Teak Refectory Table


  Teak Wood (On Demand)
Size  Custom (On Demand)
Color  White Wash (On Demand)
Packing  Foam Seet, Single Face

Teak Refectory Table

Teak Wood is the basic material for indoor and outdoor furniture making Solid Teak Wood Table and all forms of furniture such as chairs, beds, guest chairs, sideboards, Wood Table Patio with unique designs as well. Teak Wood Table Patio typical of Jepara.

Teak Refectory Table

Teak Refectory Table

How to Order Teak Dining Table Patio

  • Fast Respond for those of you who can contact us via call / whatsapp at (+62)85-314-169-988.
  • Please come directly to our work shop or you can choose the product on our website that you want and write down the product code / screenshot to ask for prices and shipping costs to our CS (via WhatsApp chat)
  • If the design of the Teak Refectory Table image you are looking for is not found, we also serve orders for custom furniture products from Suar Tables Solid, you can send the image to us for further processing.
  • The best quality is what we prioritize.

Payment of Teak Refectory Table

  • The product Table that you ordered will be done immediately after there is a 50% deposit / downpayment by transfer to our account.
  • During the processing process, we always update the order progress via photos of the work to the customer.
  • The process of working on a Round Teak Refectory Table Patio depends on the level of difficulty of the design, usually for a minimalist model for 3 weeks (if there are no obstacles such as rain, or a full order).

Delivery Product

  • After your order is complete, we will send it to the destination via a trusted expedition in Jepara (after settlement).
  • We help the delivery process / orders can be picked up yourself at our workshop Supplier teak table
  • You can see our collection of images via our social media at FacebookInstagramLinkedin, Twitter, Youtube dan Pinterest

If you do not find your image on this site, please send us your picture and measurements, we will make it according to your wishes.


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